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Irish Rural Link Cooperative Society Ltd, Moate, Co. Westmeath is delighted to announce that it is now a fully certified Training Centre approved by the RSA.

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Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is a new dimension for the transport industry in Ireland. Driver CPC puts in place ongoing training for all professional Bus and Truck drivers in line with what has historically been happening in other EU states.
All new bus and truck drivers are now required to pass 2 two hour theory tests and a 30 minute practical test as well as the current driving test in order to obtain Driver CPC. The theory tests and the practical test are developed to ensure the applicant has a comprehensive knowledge of the Rules of the Road and of the skills and professionalism to be a full time driver of a bus and truck. On passing all examinations a driver will be issued with a Driver CPC Qualification Card which they will require in addition to their driving licence.
There are six training modules in total, each of 7 hours duration with additional reading material to cover specific areas.

The titles of the modules are;

• Control of the Vehicle and Eco Driving Techniques.
• Minimising Risks and Managing Emergencies in the Transport Industry.
• Health and Safety for the Professional Driver.
• Role of the Professional Driver in the Transport Industry.
• The Professional Truck Driver.
• The Professional Bus Driver.

CPC Driver training is now compulsory for all drivers with a C, C1, D licence and a D1 licence. As part of the new driver CPC system introduced by the RSA, all drivers must have started these courses by 31st of December 2009 (bus drivers) and 10th of September 2010 (truck drivers). The first 4 modules are common for both the truck and bus driver, with the last modules specialising in Professional Bus or Professional Truck driving.

The RSA are fully aware that this new obligation on drivers to participate in training is a fundamental change on how the industry’s drivers have been trained previously. Driver CPC will lead to a change in the perception that driving professionally can be achieved by a once off test. It will now be seen as a profession which has continuous training and development of skills as a requirement. The Irish Driver in the Transport industry will be on an equal if not better professional standard than his European counterparts due to the system put in place by the industry in conjunction with the RSA.
Training will be carried out by RSA approved training providers


Irish Rural Link are scheduling training for Transport Organisations from January 2010

To Include

Full day: Registration for training is at 8.30 am and the day runs until 5pm.

There is free parking available.
All materials, tea/coffee, hot dinner will be supplied.

For more information please contact:
Maria on 090 6482744 or email [email protected]

Further details on the CPC training process are available from the RSA website, click here