Community Powerdown

powerdownIrish Rural Link is working in collaboration with Cultivate to deliver Community Powerdown Training nationwide.

The objective of the Community Powerdown Training course is to nurture community leadership in sustainability and support a strategic shift towards global citizenship, ecological thinking and local resilience.

The programme aims to engage rural communities in a way that will
a. Educate and inform them on the environmental challenges ahead and;
b. Equip them with the know how to adapt and use the change as an opportunity to strengthen rural communities.

Irish Rural Link can arrange to have the ‘Community Powerdown Programme’ delivered to community groups and welcome applications.  Enquiries can be made by contacting the office on 090 6482744 or email [email protected] . Our trainers are geographically spread throughout the country and will work with the specific needs of the group.  It may be possible to secure funding for the training.