Getting Citizens Online

The main objective of Getting Citizens Online is to get more people online. It is aimed at people who have never used the computer before, with the objective of being able to use computer programs such as MS Word, being able to navigate the World Wide Web, searching for information and sending emails. Training is provided by fully qualified Computer Tutors and we supply a laptop for each person attending the course. The course is delivered over 5 sessions. Each class is 2 hours in duration and delivered mornings & evening to suit trainees.

We focus on key target groups like older people, jobseekers, people in the rural community, small business owners, persons with disabilities and farm families.To date, Irish Rural Link has delivered this type of Internet training to over 5,000 participants around the country for all different age groups. Its aim is to deliver this type training to the most isolated areas including the islands.
The Digital Skills Training scheme is aimed at the following target groups:

• Age profile 45+
• Farming communities
• Small business owners (less than 10 people)
• Unemployed persons
• Persons with disabilities
• Disadvantaged groups

The training course content is as follows
Programme A
Productive Use of Digital Skills (6 Hours)

All topics under Programme A are compulsory.
• Introduction to the Internet
• Internet safety & security
• Email
• Search engines and Websites
• Online Government Services
• Conducting everyday transactions
• Online voice and video calls
• Use of ‘’Apps’’

Programme B
Lifestyle choices (4 hours)

Trainees should be given the opportunity to select a minimum of two topics from Programme B.
• Specific Government online services
• Social Media
• Video, TV & Radio
• Shopping online
• Instructional videos on YouTube
• Online banking, including the process and security safeguards
• Digital Photography

Revision of one or more of the topics under Programme A

Classes are run nationwide, for further information please contact
Training Co-ordinator Mary Keyes Cornally on 090 6482744/ 0871647732, email [email protected]

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