SJI Latest Study ‘A Universal Pension for Ireland’

Social Justice Ireland has just published the latest study in our Policy Research Series. Entitled ‘A Universal Pension for Ireland’ it shows how a Universal Pension could be introduced and funded in a sustainable manner.

This study is part of a wider project Social Justice Ireland has been developing in which the desirability, viability and technical challenges of ensuring every person in society has a guaranteed basic income are analysed in detail.
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Submission on the Future of the Post Office Network in Ireland

"Irish Rural Link welcomes the opportunity to make this submission on the Future of the Post Office Network in Ireland to the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources. Previously IRL has called on the government to implement a plan of action to help sustain the Post Office Network as post offices are at the heart of rural communities while also providing a public good. With this in mind, the organisation welcomes this public consultation and the government’s commitment to investigating alternative methods to which the Post Office Network can become more sustainable…"

Download Submission on the Future of the Post Office Network in Ireland- IRL here.

Community Wetlands Forum Budget Submission

"The Community Wetlands Forum was established under the umbrella of Irish Rural Link in September 2013. The forum came together as a result of the work already undertaken by Irish Rural link on behalf of community groups affected by the Peatlands’ directive and in the development of wetlands as an enhanced asset in the community."

DownloadCommunity Wetlands Forum Budget Submission here.

Western Meals On Wheels Budget Submission

"It is clear Ireland’s ageing population is a growing area of concern not only for this government but also for future policy makers. The ageing population will not only increase financial strain on the countries’ finances but all on caring services themselves. Research indicates that home based caring is the preferred option for many families as well as government as it is the most cost effective method. Meals on wheels are plugging the gaps in the system left by the health services; they cannot continue to do so without adequate support…."

Download Western Meals on Wheels Budget Submission here.