2016 Submissions

Submission to Ireland’s Open Government Partnership Draft Action Plan 2016-2018 

Irish Rural Link welcomes the new National Action Plan on Open Government Partnership. Engaging with citizens in the development of Government policy, whether national or local, will give stronger policies and help those drafting the policies and strategies have a better understanding of what is happening on the ground and how a certain policy would impact on people’s day to day lives…..full submission available here

Submission to Oireachtas Committee on the Future of Healthcare

People living in rural areas face many of the same difficulties in accessing healthcare, in particular for specialist services, and lack of available services but this can be exacerbated in rural areas by the lack of or limited availability of other necessary services, such as transport, so people can make medical appointments…full submission available here


Submission to Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport Statement of Strategy 2017-2019 

Transport in rural areas is very often seen as a lifeline to people and plays an imperative role in preventing isolation for people living in rural and sometimes very remote areas. However, people living in rural areas cannot access a widespread rural transport service or take advantage of free travel entitlements…full submission available here

Submission to Department of Housing Planning Community and Local Government Statement on Strategy 2017-2019

The Department for Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government’s Statement of Strategy for 2016-2019 is an opportunity to put in place mechanisms that will help to develop the whole of the country so that no area continues to be left behind. There have been policies and strategies developed by the Department over previous years that had strong recommendations and actions outlined but were never implemented. These recommendations and actions should be re-examined and brought into the forthcoming strategy…full submission available here

Pre-Budget Submission 2017

Irish Rural Link urge the new Government to recognise the huge sacrifices made by people during the period of austerity and strongly recommend that Budget 2017 begins the process of stimulating the economy so that employment can begin to increase and lessen the hardship that many people and families continue to experience. Copy of Pre-Budget Submission 2017 available here