Submission Next Draft to National Planning Framework – Ireland 2040 Our Plan

Posted on: November 15th, 2017 by Louise Lennon

It is evident that there is a disproportionate level of growth between different regions of the country with many; especially rural areas are still feeling the impact of the recession and austerity budget. Unemployment in Midlands and South East regions still remain higher; above 8% than the state average (6.4%). The quality of jobs in rural areas and in regions outside the capital are lower and tend to be in traditional sectors. Income inadequacies for households earning minimum wage are higher for those living in rural areas than in urban areas.
Social exclusion is exacerbated in rural areas due to lack of public services, such as broadband, transport and closure and limited opening hours of banks and post offices. This can be even more difficult for disadvantaged and marginalised groups living in rural areas.
The National Planning Framework – Ireland 2040 must ensure proper investment is available to ensure sustainable growth and inclusion for all communities. Full submission to the next Draft of NPF – Ireland 2040 is available here 

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