The National Meals on Wheels Network was established under the umbrella of Irish Rural Link in 2015. The overall aim of the Meals on Wheels Network is to provide a local, community led professional facility to assist people who require services to maintain optimum health, independence with strong life extending possibilities.

Meals on Wheels service is a critical component of the continuum of care services and one service available that enables older people to remain living in the community or to return to their own homes after hospitalisation.
The main objectives of the Meals on Wheels Network include;

• To advocate for a national standardised Meals on Wheels service which provide a system all organisations can adhere to.
• To ensure members have adequate resources to deliver a professionally produced nutritious meal to their clients.
• To advise and advocate the Government and other agencies which influence the delivery of meals on wheels and ancillary services.
• To meet the future demands of network members by assisting in the development of their services.
• To develop the organisation in a manner which is inclusive and participatory to all meals on wheels organisations.
• To develop a voluntary professional Meals on Wheels service to a high standard and to create a template that will be recognised and given a quality national rating.