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Phew! The Global Financial Crash has passed!

Posted on: March 1st, 2016 by Noel Kinahan

brken-bankIreland’s broken banks are fixed, backed by future tax take. The bankers are safe and secure. The Oireachtas Banking Enquiry is finished. The economy is on the rise and unemployment is going down, which means we can pay off that massive debt. We have it well covered. But, just in case the party peters out, let’s be prudent and keep a few billion for a rainy day for when the hangover comes around again. After all, a storm can blow up pretty quickly.

Meals On Wheels Network: An Important Community Response

Posted on: February 26th, 2016 by Dermot Carmody

The IRL-led initiative in launching a national Meals On Wheels Network in September of last year is an attempt to respond to an important and long-standing need to strengthen and coordinate the efforts of the many organisations delivering a meals on wheels service to older and housebound people in the community around Ireland.


Leaders must shout STOP

Posted on: November 27th, 2015 by IRL

  • 147,000 per year as president of a volunteer non governmental organisation!
    A salary of €295,000, a pension contribution of €150,000, a €60,000 bonus and €30,000 director’s fee total
  • €535,000 for a general secretary signed off by the leader of that non governmental membership organisation!

There is a great danger that the IFA fiasco will have further collateral impact on voluntary, community and charity organisations in terms of public perception.

While Michael Fitzmaurice TD was naive in his statement that “down through the years” in the IFA senior positions in the organisation were effectively unpaid” ( it has come as a surprise to realise that the president of the IFA gets 5 times the average farmer’s income to lobby for the poor in the farming sector. While the president of the biggest farming organisation is supported to continue the running of his (and it’s always a ‘his’) farm and provided with expenses very few farmers realised that the president also gets paid.