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  • Social Community Enterprise: Untapped potential or dead-end dream
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    It is becoming more evident that even in a national economic recovery local communities can remain burdened with high levels of unemployment, dependency and disadvantage. In the past recovery meant employment - a direct link. That is not the case now! The Crann Support Group (Crann) is an innovative community organisation born out of the need for community groups to be sustainable during difficult economic times (See www.crannsupportgroup.ie). (To see full blog and view comments)…
    Written on Thursday, 23 October 2014 13:56 in IRL_Blog Be the first to comment! Read 527 times

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Irish Rural Link is the national network representing rural communities.

Irish Rural Link represents the interests of community groups in disadvantaged and marginalised rural areas by highlighting problems, advocating appropriate policies and sharing experiences and examples of good practice.

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