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  • Rural Youth: Third Level Education, an Opportunity or a Challenge
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    Rural Youth: Third Level Education, an Opportunity or a Challenge  By Dr Maura Farrell Attending college for any young person is often fraught with excitement and anticipation in equal measures.  The fears and trepidations of making friends, ‘fitting-in’, achieving career goals and reaching the expectations of parents and family are the concerns of all young people, irrespective of their location.  What of rural youth however, are their anxieties and reservations different, hopes and difficulties any…
    Written on Thursday, 05 March 2015 10:42 in IRL_Blog 1 comment Read 404 times

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Irish Rural Link is the national network representing rural communities.

Irish Rural Link represents the interests of community groups in disadvantaged and marginalised rural areas by highlighting problems, advocating appropriate policies and sharing experiences and examples of good practice.

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