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Irish Rural link directly represents over 600 community groups with a combined membership of 25,000 throughout Ireland.

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Posted on: October 19th, 2015 by IRL

 The Ireland Funds Grant Workshops

The Ireland Funds are holding a number of Grant Workshops around the country – for more details click here


 All Europe shall Live! The rural people of Europe assert their rights

A gathering of 240 people representing rural communities from 40 European countries, meeting at the second European Rural Parliament, approved an ambitious European Rural Manifesto, it called for full recognition of the right of rural communities to a quality of life and standard of living equal to that of urban populations, and to full participation in political processes

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Nationwide Information Events on Charity Registration & Annual Reporting

The Wheel and Volunteer Ireland (supported by individual Volunteer Centres) will host a nationwide information campaign at 17 locations across Ireland.

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